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Building a Vocal Booth

A new year, and I've decided to take the plunge and build my own vocal booth.


I live in a noisy place, there is no insulation in any of the walls in my place and I can hear nearly everything that happens upstairs. I live less than a mile, as the crow flies, from an International Air Port where the air National Guard uses its after burners four times a day, major train lines, and Interstate freeway.


I sent several weeks trying to find everything I could on how to build a vocal booth. I'm building a 'room inside a room' since I live in an apartment.

This is by far the best site I found:



Glen is very nice and will answer questions.

After doing my research it was time to make a plan and start buying the materials

19 8'x2x4's


In that shopping trip I was also supposed to get 7 5/8" 8'x 4' sheets of drywall. Unfortunately when I got to the store and attempted to pick them up, I could lift one up 1/2 way, not to mention being able to put it on the cart and then up onto the roof of the car.


bats of insulation


I also realized how big the bats of insulation I need are. Those are palette of 9 bags, I think I calculated I need 14! Going to have to get the insulation and drywall delivered me thinks.


wall frame


The Cutting BeginsĀ” I had the finished size I wanted the booth to be, having never done this kind of construction before I wasn't really sure how to proceed. A good friend was there to help, however, this was new territory for her as well.

This is the first 'long' wall being laid out, to verify the measurements were correct before moving forward.


how to build a corner


I don't know how the pros do it but this is what we came up with, to hold each stud secure as the screws were inserted. I didn't get a picture of it, but I had to use my 40 pound barbell to hold the other end of the wall in place as I pushed against it.


First Wall

first framed wall


ta-da! Now is when I choose to read up on how to frame a wall. And is when I learned about the California corner

California Corner

california corner


Its where you take another 2x4 apply it to the ends of the wall so there's some place to put the drywall and behind there's a place for insulation.And look 2 walls done! :)

Three Walls

3 framed walls up


Now I'm cooking with gas. This was really going pretty quickly. Having everything pre-cut I could have have all of these done in a day.

Four Walls

four framed walls


Here is the box framed, the cardboard is a placeholder for the door. This is where in my living room I had intended for it to go, but it sure takes up a lot of space!


Different location

different location


Deciding to move it to the other side of my living room. Still takes up too much room. I think I'm going to have to move it into another room.

Inside Space

2 framed walls showing inside space


Here is what it looks like inside. I think there will be enough room. More than my old blanket booth that was 40" x 20" x 62". I had to stoop inside and couldn't move my hands when talking and the mic was in my face, literally.

Different Angle

different angle of space


Different angle

Air Box

air box mock up


I've been in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks, as I try to figure out how to get moving air into this sealed booth. The orginal plans show stuff I'm not going to do, so now I need to work from scratch.


Booth Connector

connector to the booth from box


This is the side that connects to booth. I sealed off the door mock up with cardboard and then attached the air box to the booth. Turned on the fans and timed how long it was before I felt air at the top of the door, 14 seconds. The fans I bought are super quiet which is perfect but they don't have a cf designation so working in the dark.


bag of bat insulation in car


Decided to buy some insulation and try some experiments with placement of fans. Forgot to take a pix of all three bags in the car.

Insulation size

bags of insulation


These things are enormous! Remember when I said I thought I needed 14 of them?!!! The 3 bags, you have to buy a min of 3, take up all the space for the booth. I'm really interested to find out what its going to be like with it in a wall but I'm afraid to remove it from its packaging as it will then be subject to being all over the house.


bags of insulation


After what seams like a year long stoppage, I'm able to move ahead again. After trying the booth in every room, I finally decided on my bedroom. I made my order of large items, drywall, insulation, that was easier for Lowes to move in their truck than me. Everything was all set and then suddenly Lowes notified me less than 24 hours that they were pushing my delivery back 2 weeks. WTF? Man did that put a crimp in things! But I did finally get my delivery!


More Delivery

bags of insulation


I think with the exception of some small stuff I've got everything I need to build. :)


bags of insulation


This is all of the insulation I have, the boxes also have rigid insulation in them. BTW my ceiling is 7'6" tall. ;)

Drywall Tools

bags of insulation


In addition to all of the other drywall tools, I highly suggest you get a Panel Carrier.

Tools Continued

bags of insulation


The Panel Carrier is a must if you're working alone. The sheets of drywall I ordered 5/8" thick 8' x 4' weigh 73 pounds each!


Tools More

bags of insulation


This Roll Lifter is a must for lifting the sheet rock off the floor and positioning it in the perfect spot.

Tools Finale

bags of insulation


The Roll Lifter is also a rasp for smoothing the cut edges of drywall, and a bottle opener! :)


bags of insulation


FYI I put down canvas drop clothes on all of the carpets I would be working around. Using blue painter's tape to hold them down. I picked this stuff up at Lowes - the absolute worst blue tape I've ever used only sticks to itself. :(

Good Tape

bags of insulation


This stuff ROCKS! It will stick to the carpet and stay there even being walked over again and again! But doesn't leave sticky residue.



bags of insulation


The trick to sound insulation is to plug every tiny hole. I found online 'industrial' caulk lasts much longer than the regular stuff you can get at Home Improvement store. I got this from Acoustical SolutionsSteve Snider was wonderful about answering questions!

Caulk Gun

bags of insulation


This caulk is 28oz, and needs a special caulk gun. The gun and caulk weigh 4.3 pounds!!!

Filling Gaps

bags of insulation


Here I am preping the framed walls with the caulk .


bags of insulation


Close up.









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